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PPK "Poltava - cement"

The Poltava factory was built in 1960. In 1998 a factory is regenerate in "Poltava-Cement" and, in connection with a changing economic situation at the market of build materials, was rebuilded in an enterprise on a tare and sale of cement.
In 2002 of NKG "Ecology" developed the project of reconstruction of enterprise "Poltava-Cement" with the purpose of organization of issue of dry build mixtures. During planning the row of new technical decisions which allowed in short space at small expenses to carry out starting of new production is developed. Specialists of NKG "Ecology" carried out an architectural supervision after implementation of project, rendered a technical assistance in acquisition of new production an equipment and took part in adjusting and starting of this technological line.
Presently «Poltava-cement» produces LTD. of PPK cement of the special setting on DSTU б В.2.7-46-96, cement for build solutions on DSTU б В.2.7-124-2004 and dry build mixtures in a wide assortment for TU At 26.2-2510510919-001-2003.
Kvitky Tsisyk st. 29a, Poltava, Ukraina, 36007
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