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September 2017
The decision on merge of SCG Ecology and CF Stimul in cooperation of several consulting and engineering companies with the advanced branch competences of work in different market fields is made. New efforts of Consulting Group HandMadeConsulting are directed on creation of original values of marketing concepts which correspond to each of our partner's interests individually.
September 2016
On September 13-14, Ecocem Corporation took part in the international exhibition "Waste Management 2016" in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The event was supported by the International Association of Solid Waste (ISWA), the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC) and the European Federation for Waste Management and the Environment (FEAD). We listened the novelty of our 2009 strategy for RDF..
July 2014
July 10, 2014 the chairman of the board of the Ecocem corporation Oleksandr Lizenko took part in the meeting of the working group of the Poltava regional state administration to solve problems associated with the processing of solid domestic waste.
October 2012
October 15, 2012 at the hotel "Rus" (Kiev, Ukraine), representatives of "Ecocem Corp." took part in a seminar on "Energy Efficiency in Ukraine: Policy, Experience, Reforms".
As a part of the project "Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Ukraine", European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, with the support of the British Embassy to Ukraine conducted the Workshop to bring together officials and experts from the UK, EU and Ukraine. During the event the current EE policy in Ukraine and Europe was discussed including the New Draft Energy Strategy of Ukraine. The event attended by 100 participants. Special attention has received the report of "EC3 design" company for energy efficiency of buildings and their design solutions using passive measures technologies.
September 2012
September 24-26, 2012, at the hotel "Yalta-Intourist" (Yalta, Ukraine).
The representatives of "Ecocem Corp." took part in the second international conference "Budmix-Ukraine 2012">.
The conference was devoted to the market dry mixes Ukraine and gathered more than 100 participants. The event was attended by leaders and experts of Ukrainian and foreign plants producing mixes, representatives of the companies that supply raw materials and additives for the production mixes, the suppliers of various equipment for the production and packaging mixes, as also suppliers of paper packaging for CAS.
March 2012
March 27-30, in Kiev, the representatives of "Ecocem Corp." visited the construction exhibition "InterBudExpo 2012". The event attracted more than 700 companies in the construction industry of Ukraine and 14 from other countries. Stands "InterBudExpo 2012" took 30 thousand square meters. Companies are located in three pavilions of the Exhibition Center "KyivExpoPlaza" and completely filled the open area. This year's exhibition presented the latest dry mix, a large collection of ceramic tiles, new kinds of tiles for the Ukrainian market, manufacturer's equipment and other construction materials.
September 2011
September 26-28, 2011, at the hotel "Yalta-Intourist" (Yalta, Ukraine).
The representatives of "Ecocem Corp." took part in the first international conference "Budmix-Ukraine 2011".
The conference was devoted to the market dry mixes Ukraine and gathered more than 70 participants. The event was attended by leaders and experts of 15 Ukrainian plants producing mixes, representatives of the companies that supply raw materials and additives for the production mixes, the suppliers of various equipment for the production and packaging mixes, as also suppliers of paper packaging for CAS.
March 2010
March 31, 2010, the Chairman of "Ecocem Corp.", Oleksandr Lizenko attended a meeting of the Parliamentary committee on environmental policy, environmental management and Elimination of the Chernobyl disaster. On the committee were reviewed and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issues regarding the implementation of integrated innovative pilot project "Reducing the use of natural gas and raw materials in the cement industry of Ukraine through the use of alternative fuels and raw materials, including on the basis of waste in production and consumption."
February 2009
February 24, 2009, Chairman of "Ecocem Corp.", Oleksandr Lizenko participated in a meeting that took place at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, concerning the introduction of Ukrainian integrated pilot project for use in the cement industry alternative fuels and raw materials on the basis of production and consumption waste. In conjunction with "Ukrcement" and "Ecocem Corp." was initiated and participated in the state pilot project to significantly reduce the consumption of natural gas and raw materials in cement production by switching the alternative fuels and the use of waste as secondary raw material in the production of clinker and cement. The project is planned to be implemented in the enterprises: PJSC "Heidelberg Cement Ukraine", "Lafarge Cement Ukraine", "Ecocem Corp.", "Service-TsentrStry", JSC "Ivano-Frankivskcement."
February 2008
Participation in inter-regional exhibition, "Poltava is building city 2008".
February 27-29, 2008, in Poltava took place inter-regional exhibition "Poltava is building city 2008". Event was organized by Poltava Chamber of Commerce and Poltava City Council.
"Poltava-cement" is the plant which include in "Ecocem Corp." took part in this exhibition and has been widely presented products under the brand name "ECOCEM".
The activities of the exhibition widely publicized in the mass media.
May 2007
Participation in the XV Anniversary International Conference "BusinessCem 2007. Cement industry and the market", Moscow.
May 28-30, 2007, in Moscow hosted the XV Anniversary International Conference "BusinessCem. Cement industry and the market."
Specialists of "Ecocem Corp." are regular participants of BusinessCem conferences.
High organizational and professional level and relevant topics were brought these conferences at one of the most interesting and attended congresses of cement industry all over the world.
The anniversary "BusinessCem" was held in conditions of increasing scarcity of cement and significant physical wear and tear of cement plants in Russia and Ukraine. These problems were reflected in the reports devoted to the modernization of cement plants, the prospects for attracting foreign investments, new solutions to build plants for the cement industry.
We, along with other conference participants congratulated our colleagues from "FL Smidth" with 125-year anniversary of the company.
February 2007
Participation in the International Conference - UkrCemFor 2007. "Cement industry. Prospects of development", Yaremcha.
February 14-15, 2007, in Yaremcha we took part in the International Conference "The cement industry. Prospects of development". The organizer of this conference was Ukrainian Association of Enterprises and Organizations of cement industry "Ukrcement", supported by the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Information agency: "Interfax Ukraine", OJSC "Ivano-Frankivskcement."
General information sponsor and co-organizer was the magazine "Cement and its Applications", Russia.
The conference started with the report of the Executive Director of the Association "Ukrcement" P.S. Lopateva, "Results of the cement industry in Ukraine in 2006 and prospects for 2007-2008."
At the Conference considered in detail the problems of improvement process of grinding and firing, in particular, the transition cement plants for solid fuels.
December 2006
Developed and put Specifications "Dry mixes for the destruction of toxic wastes "ECOCEM".
SCG "Ecology" has participated in the development and introduction of dry mixes for the destruction of toxic wastes. The release of this mixes adjusted at PPK "Poltava-Cement".
The mixture is used as a coating material for the processing, preservation and the destruction of some solid and liquid toxic and other hazardous wastes that can not be destroyed in a pure form, and used at the stage of containerization or encapsulation of these wastes.
June 2006
Participation in the XIV International Conference, "BusinessCem. Cement industry and the market", Yalta.
The conference was attended by leading experts from 19 countries. The delegation included representatives of leading Ukrainian cement plants and specialists of "Ecocem Corp." We analyzed the state and prospect the development of cement industry in Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan. There were presented new technologies and equipment of leading foreign firms, such as Christian Pfeiffer, Mollers GmbH, PSP Engineering AS, Gebr. Pfeiffer, Unitherm-Cemcom etc.
February 2005
Mastered the production of the composite cement DSTU BV.2.7-46-96.
Established technology allows us to use the original composition of active mineral supplements, each of which gives the unique properties of the cement. On our website under "Articles" you can learn more about this cement.
May-June 2004
Participation in the XIII Specialized Exhibition "Building and Estate".
Participation in the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Days of Modern concrete".
Participation in the XII International Conference "The Cement Industry and the Market".
June 2003
Participation in conferences:
"Modern Concrete", Khortytsya;
"BusinessCem. Cement industry and the market", Yalta.
April 2003
New articles, analyzes the destruction of hazardous waste.
March 2003
New developments of company:
Bakhchisarai Company "Construction Industry";
PJSC "Belgorod cement";
JSC "Oskol Cement".
April 14-16, 2002. PETROCEM Conference
The second International PETROCEM Conference was held in St.Petersburg, Russia, on April 14-16, 2002. Among more than 130 participating companies from 26 countries people from SCG EKOLOGIA were attending. Our group uniting the efforts of leading experts in the industry for advanced processes, improvement of quality and competibility of cement plant products was represented by Mr Veniamin Bernshtein, Scientific Manager, and Mr Aleksandr Lizenko, Vice-Director on Economics (Fig.1).
As anticipated, the Conderence as it was evident from majority of 36 reports and multiple exhibits was basically aimed at evaluation of prospects of Russia and CIS cement industry transition to energy-saving cement manufacturing processes. The report of SCG EKOLOGIA was also devoted to this problem. You can find it in Proceedings of the Conference and at our site. The necessity to dramatically reduce energy consumption of wet cement process which dominated in the former USSR is acknowledged by everybody. Still, no actual progress in this direction can be seen.
We explain this by lack of appropriate tactics, in other words, lack of concept for gradual transition to low-energy processes. As a rule, questions of immediate move to dry or semi-dry process are being discussed. But this way is unreasonable due to high costs of such reconstruction and too long payback, which is reflected in the dynamics of cooperation between cement plants and manufacturers of cement equipment. As to use of single systems, in spite of their evident superiority over those operating at existing plants, it is negligible because high energy consumption at the plants eats up their anticipated efficiency.
The analysis of presented reports indicates a complete absense of scientific developments aimed at guided change of raw materials for cement industry in assets of companies operating at our market, which may prove especially successful at Russian and Ukrainian cement plants possessing enormous reserves of waste raw materials. Our experience shows that this approach is able to produce not only short-term effect but form a basis for subsequent dramatic reduction of energy consumption and even gradual transition to dry process in certain cases. The concept proposed by SCG EKOLOGIA was shared not only by cement plant managers but by representatives of some leading world companies as well. Our participation in a meeting arranged during the conference with FL Smidth & Co A/S and managers of some Ukrainian cement plants (Fig.2) confirmed that our group had selected quite a correct approach. By further development of our concept we can become a connecting link between foreign companies and domestic cement plants.

Fig 1.
Left to right: Mr. Oleksandr Lizenko, Director , and Mr. Veniamin Bernshtein, Vice-Director on Science.

Fig 2.
Right to left: Nikolai Ryabchenko (Kryvyi Rih Cement Association), Janusz Hansen (FL Smidth & Co A/S), Kerob Arutyunyan (Odessa Cement Company), Veniamin Bernshtein (SCG Ekologia), Anatoliy Postolovskiy (Mykolayiv Cement Company).

Fig 3.
Our friendship is 25 years old Viktor Perlov from Stern Cement with whom we commissioned cement plant at Navoyi, Uzbekistan

Fig 4.
Working moments at the conference.
New contacts and mutual interest in results of joint research as well as already signed contracts make our look ahead quite confident. In this plane it is difficult to overestimate the importance of PETROCEM-2. The faultlessly organized meeting between representatives of cement plants and foreign companies busy in manufacture of highly efficient equipment was an unquestionable success. Multiple contacts in unconstrained environment, getting acquainted with the latest achievements of world cement industry and existing condition of domestic plants allowed to define current events more precisely, outline urgent tasks and the most attarctive ways of their attainment.
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